Fan Zone | Encounters | Scott Anderson | July 2005
Neo Pro Wrestling
St.Paul Park, MN

The first time I met Nora was last July at a Neo Pro Wrestling event (they folded recently.) in St.Paul Park, MN. It was an outdoor event at a lounge called Park Place. The temperature was about 97 degrees with a heat index of 105. So their wasn't a big crowd, it was about medium sized. And Nora wore her blue corset and black pants. I was so nervous because I never thought that I would see her in person. I got an autographed Poloroid from her, but I don't have the proper equipment to send the picture with. She was friendly to everyone as she always is. I look at the picture everyday and treasure it. And now that I met her a 2nd time, that is even better. And if Nora has a 3rd signing in the area, I will be there because I enjoy it. And now that I finally have her DVD, I am now a huge Nora fan and always will be. And I see that my 2nd encounter is in the new update. I can't wait to see the response fom everyone. Thanks, Megan and Dani, I frequent all of Nora's sites, and they're awesome! Keep up the great work. I consider you both along with Chris, and Mike S. as great friends because we will always support Nora 110%. Thanks and Nora rocks!!!